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Top 3 Ways to Use Handmade Candles in Your Home Decor

Top 3 Ways to Use Handmade Candles in Your Home Decor

When you are redesigning a space in your home, it’s about more than just function. It’s about creating a space that speaks to your personality and more importantly, the personality of the room. Choosing paint colors, furniture pieces, and decorative rugs that contribute to the overall feeling you are trying to achieve is key.

But what many people forget is the importance of well chosen decorative accessories. Accessories take your room from boring to truly customized. And when it comes to home decor, candles are one of the most under-utilized design elements. Not only do they play a vital role in case you lose power, but they are easily one of the most versatile design elements you will ever use.

Handmade candles add drama, romance, warmth and character to a space. There are so many simple ways to incorporate them into your decor to make a huge impact. And lucky for you, we’ve compiled some of the best ways to use handmade candles to enhance your home decor.


Ways to Incorporate Handmade Candles in Your Home

The decorative candles you choose for your bathroom might not be the same ones you choose for your living room. So, one of the best things you can do when decorating is to determine how you will incorporate candles into your space and then go shopping for just the right style of decorative candles

  1. Cluster Your Candles - One of the most impactful ways to use candles in your decor is to cluster them. Buy varying sizes of ivory pillar candles and then strategically choose 2 or 3 handmade candles to round out the mix. The hand-painted candles help to add visual interest, while the tapers contribute to the overall drama. You can do this on a coffee table, fireplace mantle, nightstand, or dining room table for an eye-catching visual display.
  2. Create a Work of Art - One very trendy way to light up a dark hallway in your home or apartment is to add small shelves at different heights on one long wall of your hallway. Place beautiful handmade and hand-painted candles on each shelf to provide instant art and warmth to an otherwise under-decorated area of your home.
  3. Update a Boring Mirror - Mirrors are a popular design element for entryways and guest bedrooms, but sometimes a mirror by itself can be very plain. Adding candle sconces to either side of the mirror gives it a more polished look and adds a warm reflection that your guests will most definitely notice.

One of the most important things when shopping for decorative candles is getting the perfect mix of plain pillars and handmade candles. There is something truly unique about a hand-dipped, hand-painted candle that can’t be replicated. Like all the other home decor items you choose for your home, make choices that speak to your personality and the personality of the space you’re creating.