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Our Story

Our founders started in the traditional candle manufacturing business in 1995 and became one of the leading commodity candle producers in Eastern Europe. In 2012, they spun off FLATYZ with the desire to express the full potential of their creative souls by designing handmade products while using the highest quality natural ingredients.  They set out to create a unique, handmade candle.  After three years of R&D the product was finally perfected, and the result was a FLAT and NON-DRIPPING candle which came with its own stand for which the product patent followed.  Having a flat candle surface encouraged a myriad of creative ideas in terms of designs and application techniques for applying the art on to the paraffin canvas

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Our Candles

 • Burning time: 3-4 hours

• Comes with an easy-to-assemble candleholder

• Dripless and smokeless. Self-extinguishing

• High quality German raw materials (Organic cotton wicks, paraffin, safe/certified paints)

• Handmade in Lithuania

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