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The Best Gifts to Send That Are Not Flowers

November 20, 2020

These days, more people are shopping for gifts online, limiting celebrations to small gatherings, and canceling their typical travel plans. Things may look different this year, but you still want to show all your loved ones you care and are thinking about them - even if you aren’t together in person. That means thinking outside the box for gift ideas that are both easily mailable and unique. 

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled some of the best mailable gift ideas for everyone on your list! 

The Top 4 Best Gifts to Send in the Mail

Buying gifts is already challenging, but when you are limiting yourself to gifts you can send in the mail, you have to get creative. Flowers are nice, but they can sometimes come off as thoughtless. 

Below are some of the best gifts to send in the mail that will impress anyone on your list: 

  1. Sweet Treats - It’s easier than ever to send baked goods to your loved one with just the click of a few buttons. Order a cake from a loved one’s favorite bakery or support some online-only businesses like Baked by Melissa Cupcakes who have mastered the art of shipping bakery in a way that ensures your treats stay fresh and are ready to eat upon delivery. 
  2. Self-Care Box - Everyone needs a little pampering, especially during the holiday season. Sheet masks are great options that can slide right into a card or envelope if you are looking for something small but thoughtful. If you want to send something larger, fill a box with essential oils, lotions, decorative candles, and bath bombs. These items ship well and are lightweight to help cut down on costs. 
  3. Journals - 2020 has shed light on the importance of self-care. Help your loved ones stay connected with a custom journal. Choose something that reminds you of your friend and fill out the first page for them with positive affirmations, a love note, or just a quick hello! Some pocket notebooks like the beautiful options from Rifle Paper Co. can even be shipped right in an envelope with a card to make things simple. 
  4. Hand-Painted Candles - A truly custom gift never goes out of style. Flatyz decorative candles are each hand-poured, hand-painted, and made from only the highest quality, clean-burning paraffin. The bright designs are unique and varied so you can find one that best represents your friend. Plus, they are flat enough to ship in an envelope with a card. 

Special days and holiday celebrations might look different this year, but don’t let that stop you from making it special. You don’t have to break the bank to find quality and unique gifts to send friends. Get creative and show each person on your shopping list how much you truly care. 

About Flatzy Candles

When you shop Flatyz, you can feel confident you are shopping only for the highest quality candles. All of our candles are handmade with love, organic wicks, and highly-refined paraffin. This is something you just can’t get when you buy mass-produced candles. Shop online today. Find a style that speaks to you. 

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